Dear you. 

If you are happy with what you have, 
If you are content with your life. 
If you can meet your eyes in the mirror. 
If regrets do not keep you awake at night. 

If you are not paying for your mistakes every day. 
If you are better than ppl around you. 

Then be grateful. 
Be thankful. 
Appreciate what you have.
Enjoy when you can. 


Love-the greatest intoxication. 

Sometimes a stranger can make you feel connected in a way noone else has ever done. Love for me is that connection. Love for me is that understanding when you silently communicate through your eyes. When you are one step ahead of each other in taking care of each other. 
In love we often say things about the sun, the moon the stars, the heart, and many other things but all pretentious nothing matches to reality, “I will pluck star from the sky for u” might be a metaphor for “I’l do anything for you.” But “sun dies everyday to let moon breath” is nothing but downright insult to the person’s knowledge of the universe. So Whosoever wanna say “I’l take all the pain just to see you smile” should find a better metaphor. Actually don’t. Nobody needs to hear delusional statements, say it as it is. Call a spade a spade. Address flaws, say what you want. Loud and clear. Love isn’t perfect, you are not either and Nothing is. So why bother? 
People tend to act, say, react stupidly in love. But the problem isn’t falling in love, the problem is giving it your own definition. Love cannot be defined through words but most ppl try it and what comes out is all wrong. You just have to feel it and the spark in your eyes, the smile on your face, the giddiness in your actions will convey.

The more you look for the reason the more you will end up in confusion. The more you run for perfection the farther you will get from it. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love is

Celebrating togetherness. ​

Its all in your head

Can you hear your world falling apart? Crashing at your feet? No? Of course not. It doesn’t make soundDoes it? Its a piercing silence. Unnerving stillness. You look around, blinking, you wanna run, shout warnings but you can’t, Trapped in your own mind. Okay from outside, crumbling inside. 

Crying, sobbing in darkness until its all numb. As if you are dead on feets. You can feel it all, but can you do something to stop it? To save it? To just pause it? No but you are freezing aren’t you? Freezing naked in the cold. Oh, don’t you wish to be burnt in hell instead? Not happening. Is there someone with a warm piece of cloth? Anyone? No. 

Of course not. Noone can see you. As if you are invisible but you are not. You are just another faceless nobody, a part of the sulking crowd. 

Dying with every passing day, with pain

With fear

With agony 

With ruthlessness

And all is in you and you are the reason of all. 

Don’t you wish to just die. In one blink? Going to sleep and never waking up? 

Except that’s not what happens, not that easy. No no.. 

You die every day, every minute every second. 

A teensy bit of death. 

And it all happens silently 

Because its all in your head. 

Key to life 

It was a vivid dreamOf morning hours

He came in

With a key of my life. 

He offered me 

But didn’t let go. 

I followed him

Out in a meadow. 

Dear birdie

He said- I know you wish to fly

Have it your way you will be soaring in the sky 

But your shoulder is burdened

With weights of the life

You can’t just cut them off with a knife. 

Every person you love

Every pain you feel

Every person you care

Every wound you heal

Bound you to earth

Substitutes for your dearth 

And my love

I can’t give you

A key to your life

But i must not forget 

To tell you that if you can find Happiness within you

 Then it will suffice.