There is no such thing as past present or future. Its all time.
We do not live a century in the time consisting of uncountable centuries. What are we in the course of time?
Just like an ant is for us, Negligible nobody?
Time is infinite, we numbered it. Its passing, flowing like water in the river and we are like fishes going with it to our deaths but what impact do they have on river? What impact do we have on time? We do more harm then good.
We made a system out of it just to fool ourselves, dividing it. Saving it. Wasting it. As if it matters!
We are deluded into trying to leave an impact on it.
We think of future, in order to escape horrors of present.
We carry a burden from past.
And thats how we die.
And it does not matter.
Birth or death.
In an endless cycle of time.
What is death or birth?
And that’s what we are.
Absolutely nothing.


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