You think she is hard to deal with,
She pushes you to your limits, to your breaking point.
To see if you’re really worth her time.
Its not superiority, no.
Its her way of shielding herself from more disappointment.
Most of you lose,
You blame her for making your inner demon roar out,
As if she puts those words in your mouth,
She made you act the most disgusting way.
But all she does is keep you away,
She is heavily guarded by walls around her,  you shiver in the wrath of cold wind, outside.

You think she doesn’t treat you right when all she wanna see is how you’ll treat her when you see her for what she is,
When she stops being this unapproachable mystery,
When you meet her inner demons,
When you walk in her darkness
And when she isn’t that happy go lucky as she seems from outside.
She just try to see if you are worth shedding her layers for.



And i died last night,
He clutched my heart,
And trapped me in the pain.
I saw everything in front my eyes.
Smiles, tears, broken promises,  friends, family, loneliness.
My life was over, almost.
And the night was my new home.
The darkness welcomed me
With open arms.
I surrendered, almost.
Hope.  Believe. Somebody whispered,
Did i ever said no to you, said another voice.
I just have few hours, a third voice.
Three voices, three bright lights.
Took me to the morning through the stormy night.
I swayed with eyes closed,
All strength lost,  almost.
Numb, faint, ready to float.
Breathe again, morning was close.
Blinking i opened my eyes.
Another gloomy night i survived.
Escaping from the darkness with some friendly lights.



I wanna laugh and I wanna cry
I wanna whisper in your ear
And shout out loud.
I wanna lie down
And I wanna jump up and down.
I am nervous
I am thrilled
I wanna stay
And I wanna go away
I wanna be me
And be something new.
I wanna walk on this ground
But fly in the sky
I wanna travel the world
And come back to my home.
I wanna giggle with you
And meet someone new
I wanna be surprised
And still se familiarity
I want to have predictable
In unpredictability.
I wish solitude
And group of crazy people
I am scared
I m sad
And i m excited.
I am waiting for it
While dreading for it.
I will miss you so much
And I m saying goodbye.

Can you?

Can you see past the obvious?
Would you?
Look at me beyond the pretense?
Hear me laugh, watch me dance.
Would you try to find what i hide
Behind my specs, in my eyes.
When my heart skips a beat and i just smile.
Do you see the beauty that’s not on my face,. Not in my eyes not in my grace..
Do you see the beauty in my words,
In my silence, in my curse.
Would you dare to love the flaws of
My life,  imperfection of my nature,
Scars of my past.
If you do it all would it then last?
Or you’ll walk away once the mystery unfolds
Many tales are hence told,
Or forever is a promise
That you promise to keep.
Should  i run it with my blood
Or hide it soul deep?
Or should i whisper it to the world?
Or throw it in the trash?
Is it just words?
Or not even that?
Did i misread?
Or assumed the unsaid?
Would you be what i think you are?
Or all i think is wrong.
Would this tune be lost in silence
Or we’ll sing our own song.