Can you?

Can you see past the obvious?
Would you?
Look at me beyond the pretense?
Hear me laugh, watch me dance.
Would you try to find what i hide
Behind my specs, in my eyes.
When my heart skips a beat and i just smile.
Do you see the beauty that’s not on my face,. Not in my eyes not in my grace..
Do you see the beauty in my words,
In my silence, in my curse.
Would you dare to love the flaws of
My life,  imperfection of my nature,
Scars of my past.
If you do it all would it then last?
Or you’ll walk away once the mystery unfolds
Many tales are hence told,
Or forever is a promise
That you promise to keep.
Should  i run it with my blood
Or hide it soul deep?
Or should i whisper it to the world?
Or throw it in the trash?
Is it just words?
Or not even that?
Did i misread?
Or assumed the unsaid?
Would you be what i think you are?
Or all i think is wrong.
Would this tune be lost in silence
Or we’ll sing our own song.

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