The fear

Taking a leap of faith,
When i have walked baby steps throughout,
I am scared.
The overwhelming happiness,
The trobbing heart of getting
What i asked.
And yet, i am scared.
That it will disappear,
In the blink of an eye,
Not even bidding goodbye.
Yes. I am scared.
With sparkling eyes
And never ending smile,
Awaken at last by
A beautiful surprise
Still i am scared.
Its tricky and miraculous,
Dangerously fabulous.
Its on a thin line between,
Dream and nightmare,
Gaze and stare,
Gone and there.
I am scared.
Its too much to lose,
Too less to hold on to,
To early to decide.
To fragile to recide.
Its a fear of being fearless,
Its being naked in shyness
Illusionarily realistic,
Innocently sarcastic.
I am scared of being scared,
Its all new
Fresh as the morning dew
Knowingly unknown
A Mischievous frown
Its about me and its about you
The one i am
and the one i am with you.





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