That day, in the cafeteria, when we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other and the electric charge that we had between us; from your smile to mine, more of a grin if I’d be honest.


The disturbance from our friends was bothering both of us, our polite engagement with them, finding ways to get hold of each other’s gaze and when we were finally alone, sitting together. Remember how you mocked my posture? My neck tilted on the support of my hand while I stare at you.


You felt special, didn’t you? At that moment you were caught up too.


Holding hands is a cliche, but you always believed in it and I always wondered why.


The walk we took in the breeze holding hands, was it love we breathed? You use to find excuses to give those friendly side hugs to me untill one day, when i was angry and you were worried to hell about it. I ran towards you and hugged you like a child and you held me with a sigh of relief.


Tell me, it was something beautiful that we had, was’nt it?




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